Why Identical Posts Will Get Drastically Different Engagement
Written by Kirk Skinner on Jul. 17th 2019
So the last post of this kind went really well and you are expecting your next post to do the same. You have your shirt off, looking good, and you know your audience reacts to this kind of shot. And then.......

It flops!?!?!? 

Half the engagement, lower reach and a huge disappointment. 

So what is going on..? Is it something about the post, the time, or is it just bad luck?

Well....Instagram (and facebook) both work on the same one principle - it rewards good engagement that will keep people on the platform longer. That's right, all they are interested in is keeping people on instagram and this is generally done by engaging content. 

But how does this relate to your post?? 

Well instagram judges the early engagement on your post and depending on how it performs early determines the reach it is going to get. So if you reach the right part of your audience, at a time where they are engaging, then your post will likely do well. However an identical post can perform completely differently if it gets lower early engagement. 

So what can you do to get early engagement? 

Apart from choosing the best time to post the most effective way to boost engagement is to respond to you comments for the first few hours. That's right, after you post be online so you can like and comment back on the people who comment to you. Instagram will recognise the high engagement on this post and boost it in the algorithm!

When you combine this with good content and post timing you can boost your results and get that all important reach!

Happy Posting!

Kirk Skinner

Kirk Skinner helps fitness influencers to promote their products to more people through digital marketing. He learnt online marketing when running 3 of his own ecommerce brands. He now uses these expertise to teach influencers how to utilise their following and have a bigger impact on the world as well as their profits!
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