How Will Influencer Marketing Change With 'Likes' Gone?
Written by Kirk Skinner on Aug. 2nd 2019
With Instagram trialing 'no likes' on posts what does this mean for Instagram Influencers who amassed a following through much time spent putting their lives and creativity on show?

Instagram (owned by facebook) has always liked to trial new features, often starting in one country and then expanding out to the whole network later. This change has been justified as a way to help mental health and stop people giving and receiving validation through likes. However is their a business motive as well??

Currently brands use likes to judge how viable an influencer could be to their business. Could instagram be trying to take more control of ecommerce on its platform?? Could it want to hinder the huge influencer marketing space that has been so profitable for brands and influencers over the past few years?

It definitely seems advantageous to Instagram if they try and funnel some of those brand dollars into their paid ad platform. Consequently devaluing influencer marketing....

Only time will tell whether this change will be here to stay. And if it will force influencers learn to use new methods such as paid advertisements to sell more of their own products or brands products? 

We can only sit and hold tight while the game changes.... yet again.

Kirk Skinner

Kirk Skinner helps fitness influencers to promote their products to more people through digital marketing. He learnt online marketing when running 3 of his own ecommerce brands. He now uses these expertise to teach influencers how to utilise their following and have a bigger impact on the world as well as their profits!

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